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    Mayu Shirai, Performing artists

    Dance is my life,

    Dance comes from human instinct and dance shows one's real.

    Everyone can dance, and everyone has own beauty.

    I always seek how I can apply dance into the world and share my art through dance..


    Please enjoy and if you have any thoughts, comment, idea and questions, welcome to contact me!


    Than you!

  • My art work

    My dance and experimental collaboration


    Mayu Dance Reel in 2017 NYC

    This is my improvisational dance style. Shoot and Edit by Collin Giberson, Music by Evis beats feat. Chiyori 'Again'


    City walk by Mayu Shirai and Hsuan-Hsiu Hung in AllOverWest in NYC 2016

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    Dance video 『Root』 Dance by Mayu Shirai 2017

    I make dance video in My home town ( Sakai Osaka) The place brought me up, definitely my root. The nature. sky, tensed houses, gardens.. everything makes me so nostalgic, since I moved 6years ago.


    Dance × Poetry 「UTOPIA」CUBA at MALLECON 2017

    This is the poetry, I made this poetry with my friend in CUBA, talking with our future, what UTOPIA looks like?

    Even I and my friend have totally different background, we have same hope.


    Art is Instinct (poetry by Aimee Suzara, Dance by Mayu Shirai) 2017


    Aimee Suzara (poetry) & Mayu Shirai (dance), filmed in Vedado, La Habana, Cuba

    Chaos In Order 2019

    Artistic Direction by Mayu Shirai Choreographed and Performed by Kanae Miyahara, Mayu Shirai Song "The Sun is down" by Yoko Ono

    Gap between society 2019

    Perfrom and choreographed by Mayu Shirai

    Experimental Showcase "Bathing" 2019 @KANARIYA OSAKA

    Perfrom and choreographed by Mayu Shirai

    TQ Grant - Summer Soulstice (Original Mix) [ft CrazyNatives House Dancing]

    Music, Video shooting, editing by TQ Grant, Dance by Mayu Shirai and Mariannna (Crazy Natives)

    VOICE NYC 2020 Jan 26th @Green Space Long Island NY

    This is the project in NYC, directed by Mayu Shirai


  • Profile


    Mayu Shirai

      From Japan. Dancer, choreographer, and artistic director of Mingle Theatre. Started street dance when she was 16 years old. Joined a lot of dance battles and received prizes. From street dance culture( battling, clubbing and session). , realized dance comes from one's emotion and communication through body.

    In order to pursue her dance art-form, she studied ballet, modern-dance, musical theater and contemporary dance. While training in dance, she applied to peace studies and International politics in Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto. Thought how dance adopt into society. Traveled to India and Philippine to do dance workshops about cultural exchange. After traveling in India and Philippine, received sponsorship from Ritsumeikan University to build artist organization for student, 'Mingle Theater'. In that organization, carried out a project of cultural exchange between foreign students and Japanese students through artworks. After graduating bachelor degree of international Law in Ritsumeikan, she moved to NY, study Contemporary, modern dance, and other styles in Peri dance center for 1 year. and study Martha Graham technique from Sep in 2016.



    Dance Style

    Freestyle , Improvisation,Modern( Graham, Horton, Limon)House, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Theater Jazz, Hip-Hop, Popping and other styles.




  • Report

    Report of my Workshop, Performance, what I learned from Dance, and other activities.

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